Class Topics
Week1 Introduction to the course,
Behind the Scenes_CNN
TV Genres, News Bulletins, Rundown,
TerminologiesPrioritizing a news bulletin_stacking a rundown!


Types of news Scripts

PKG Scripts: PTG and GTP

(Class Three, sample PTG pkg)

Breaking news – news updates


Week 3.1

Recording devices, safety first

Filming Basics (exposure, sound, focus)

Camera movements and continuity shots

Interviewing techniques for Sound bites

Basics of editing tools, edit a sequence

Artistic presentation, graphs and animation

Week4  LIVE and Reporter’s Stand Up

Filming a demo VOSOT news

Week5 Video Editing, exporting

lighting  techniques, Sound (microphones)

Researching & pitching a great story



Television History

Development in Nepalese context

Media Effects Theories (Agenda setting TheoryFraming and Cultivation TheoryRhetoric of Image, Encoding Decoding)

Reader Response Theory (Reception Theory)

Schema Theory

Week7 Journalist safety – consider safety measures
Presenting drafts of final projects
Uncovered topics and reviews
Week8 Screening

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