Topic Today

Class Topics
Week1 Introduction to the course,
Al-jazeera behind the Scenes
TV Genres, News Bulletins, Rundown,
Prioritizing a news bulletin_stacking a rundown!


Types of news Scripts

PKG Scripts: PTG and GTP

(Class Three, sample PTG pkg)

Breaking news – news updates


Week 3.1

Recording devices, safety first

Filming Basics (exposure, sound, focus)

Camera movements and continuity shots

Interviewing techniques for Sound bites

Basics of editing tools, edit a sequence

Artistic presentation, graphs and animation


Week4  LIVE and Reporter’s Stand Up

Filming a demo VOSOT news

Week5 Video Editing, exporting

lighting  techniques, Sound microphones

Researching & pitching a great story



Television History

Development in Nepalese context

Media Effects Theories (Agenda setting Theory, Framing and Cultivation Theory, Rhetoric of Image; notes, Encoding Decoding)

Reader Response Theory (Reception Theory)

Schema Theory

Week7 Journalist safety – consider safety measures
Presenting drafts of final projects
Uncovered topics and reviews

Television programs;

Documentary modes,
Production Techniques

Week9 TV ads and commercials
Week10 Screening

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